Primarily Year Round Activities

  • National Park OR Monument: 60 minutes drive
  • National Forests & BLM Lands: 5 minutes drive
  • Designated Historic District, Site or Plaza: On site
  • Ghost Town: 15 minutes drive
  • Designated Scenic/Historic Byway: Along the scenic byway
  • Designated Hiking Trails: 15 minutes drive to trailhead
  • Museum: Walking distance
  • Movie Theater: 5 minutes drive
  • Art Gallery: 5 minutes drive
  • Restaurant(s): Walking distance
  • Internet Cafe: 5 minutes drive

Primarily Summer Acitivities

  • Fishing in River, Stream, or Creek: Walking distance
  • Fishing in Lake, Reservoir or Pond:10 minutes drive
  • Guided Fishing Trips (Licensed): Wade Fishing
  • Fishing Tackle Sold: Walking distance (within 1 block)
  • Fly Shop: Walking distance
  • Whitewater Rafting Office/Pickup point: 60 minutes drive
  • Horseback Trail Rides (Guided): 5 minutes drive
  • Jeep Trails: Trails start on site (Off road, back country, 4WD)
  • Jeep Rentals: Walking distance
  • ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) and/or Dirt Bike Trails: Trails start on site
  • ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) and/or Dirt Bike Rentals: 3 minutes drive
  • Mine Tours: 10 minutes drive
  • Mountain Bike Trails: Trails start on site
  • Bicycle Shop: Walking distance
  • Waterfall Trails: 30 minutes drive to trailhead
  • Performing Arts Theatre: 5 minutes drive
  • Mini Golf: Walking distance


  • Hunting in Area: 15 minutes drive
  • Colorado Hunting Units/Area: --66----67----76--

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